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Song Translation: Tiffany Tang 《唐嫣》& Luo Jin 《罗晋》- Gifted 《天赋》

Currently watching the drama, even though the plot is different from the novel. I’m enjoying the drama so far. The Princess Wei Young drama ending theme song <3, I find Luo Jin’s voice very capativing and charming.

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Song: Guan Zhe《关喆》- The Night Of Thinking You《想你的夜》

[UPDATE 05/12/20015: Offical HD MV, love this song and Guan Zhe]

Did anyone watch him on The Voice China 2012? This is my all time favourite song from Guan Zhe, he is such an amazing singer and writer. The song is short but describes any typical love that’s been separated and still earning for the other half. Every time I go KTV with my girlfriends I would pick this song and sing my heart out hehehe ^^” Continue reading “Song: Guan Zhe《关喆》- The Night Of Thinking You《想你的夜》”


Song: Jane Zhang《张靓颖》- If This Is Love《如果这就是爱情》

janeAnyone who has been watching “I Am Singer 3”, would know about Zhang Liangying (张靓颖). I love her performance of All of Me. Which triggered me to research about her. I came across this old song of hers and really like it, so I thought I’ll share it with you.

A little about Jane.. she rose to frame after competing 2005 season of the Super Girl contest, a national all-female singing competition in the People’s Republic of China. Throughout the competition, she sang in English, Spanish and Cantonese in addition to Mandarin Chinese. She is particularly known for her signature whistle register which earned her a nickname, “The Dolphin Princess”.


Song: Wanting Qu《曲婉婷》- You Exist in My Song《我的歌聲裡》

I actually like 高豪力 (Gerald Ko)’s cover over the original artist of this song. Her voice does take some time to get used to. But regardless I like this song. Here’s the link to original song. 没有一点点防备,也没有一丝顾虑 Without any precaution, and without a trace of apprehension 你就这样出现在我的世界里,带给我惊喜,情不自已 you appeared in my world as you did, bringing… Continue reading Song: Wanting Qu《曲婉婷》- You Exist in My Song《我的歌聲裡》