Song: Guo Ding《郭顶 》- Two or Three Love Songs《情歌两三首》

Lovely little love song

Lyric Translation done by sutekii


The wind blows past, I’m standing alone on the street.

风吹着 我一个人站在街头

As if the universe is filled with loneliness.

孤单 好像充满宇宙

Your hand still holding my right.

你的手 还在我右边牵着我

Why have you disappeared when I turned around?

回头 你怎么消失了

Continuously  walking, continuously walking, continuously walking without stopping. Squandered of freedom.

一直走一直走 一直走不停地走 挥霍着自由

How faris the exit, how long is the end?

多远才是出口 多久才到尽头

Gifting you two or three love songs even if I have nothing.

送你情歌两三首 就算我什么都没有

If love wants to flee, and it’s taking away your freedom, I rather stay in this moment.

如果爱要远走 让它带给你自由 我宁愿停留

Sending you two or three love songs, writing down your tenderness.

送你情歌两三首 写下你的温柔

Separation does not have to end in tears, as long as you’re happy then I am content.

分开时候无需泪流 若你快乐我就觉得足够

It only takes a few seconds to make someone smile.

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