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Song: Julia Peng & F.I.R.《彭佳慧 ft. 飞儿乐团》- Heart’s Fire《心之火》

Currently on replay on my list, 《花千骨》 The Journey of Flower’s opening soundtrack. So beautifully written and composed, love everything about the song.


14 thoughts on “Song: Julia Peng & F.I.R.《彭佳慧 ft. 飞儿乐团》- Heart’s Fire《心之火》

  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful song. I was recommended to watch the drama by one of the translators before but never got around to it. Both the male lead and female lead are my favourite actor and actresses. Ancient drama or novel can be a struggle for me to understand while dramas does not seem to be able to hold my attention lately, so I actually stop watching dramas. Love the song. Would be adding it into my listening list today


      1. Sutekii, you mean the MV is not from Nirvana in Fire’s drama? I have still yet even completed Wallace Huo’s Love Me, If You Dare drama though I completed reading the book


      2. Oh… different drama? Hahahaha….. both are also in Nirvana right? The one recommended was Nirvana… I really need to get back to Love Me soon. Just found out that Chen Qiao En is back with a new drama, Stay With Me… another one to look forward to… lot of Taiwanese artists have gone to China to widen their horizons…


      3. Thanks for the info. I shall skip both the ancient dramas as I would not be able to understand it. Rather use the time to translate instead :). Have a great day ahead Sutekii


      4. Nirvana in fire was the best drama I had ever watched!!! This is coming from a gal that usually runs the other way around when it comes to a 50 plus maknland drama. I watched it 3 times. After watching that drama, I don’t even feel like watching any other drama.

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    1. Mhryu, if you have access to dramacool website, Nirvana in fire is fully subbed. I watched it from that website also as my Chinese is not good enough to understand ancient period language. Definitely a must watch drama, imho!
      My good friend, which is very similar like me as we don’t like watching long drama especially if it’s related to a palace, also loves nirvana in fire. We kept watching it over & over again and then discussing every little detail that we might miss the first or second times around. 😜

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