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General and I 《孤芳不自賞》begins filming

孤芳不自賞 A lonesome fragrance waiting to be appreciated is having an drama adaptation.

Ps. Not looking forward to angelababy as Bai Pingting…. >. >


One in a laundry list of ancient drama adaptations. China is really killing it this year.

General and I 孤芳不自賞 has begun filming and released stills.  Based on the novel by Feng Nong.  Starring Wallace ChungAngelababySun Yizhou, Gan Tingting, and Qi Hang, fans of the original novel can look forward to this adaptation.

More stills and SPOILERS (after the stills) below the cut.

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5 thoughts on “General and I 《孤芳不自賞》begins filming

      1. Same here. I was expecting Yun Zhong Ge turned to be more than Da Mo Yao, so disappointed with the outcome. I didn’t even bother not watching the drama and sticking with the novel.
        I hope the drama won’t be wasteful, perhaps I will peek only for Wallace LOLS

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  1. at first, i so happy to know my one of fav stories get adapted. the story is so amazing for me.
    and here i am now disappointed by the female lead casting. maybe still accepted as princess yaotian but not bai pingting.
    for the looks, bai pingting should not be a beauty, although she has her own charms. and for the act, we already know how Angelababy acts… so sad…

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