Chang Ge Xin

Chang Ge Xing《長歌行》Illustrations

One of my favorite manga ❤

cgx2 cgx3 cgx4 cgx5cgx6cgx



cgx10 cgx12 cgx14cgx11 cgx13 cgx15 cgx16


5 thoughts on “Chang Ge Xing《長歌行》Illustrations

  1. Lol this manga is a favorite of mine too and it was what led me to your site a couple years ago. Thanks to finding this site I started to read Chinese novels. Thank you sooo much Suteki.

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  2. I love this manga. I don’t know if there’s a translated novel in English out there, but if there is. I would love to read it in detail. I saw the tag for this novel as tragedy, but I’m hoping nothing happens to our MC. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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