Illustrations + Chibis · The Princess Wei Yang

The Princess Wei Yang 《锦绣未央》 Manhua + Chibis

Anyone that loves the novel should go check out the manhua here, it’s not translated but just looking at the illustrations gives you a good feel while reading the translation.

Anyways enjoy the illustrations I’ve found.


pw48pw45 pw44 pw43pw46pw47wy

 Chibis + Cartoons

pw39pw49 pw50pw42pw36 lichangle pw37 tuobayu tuobazhen pw33 pw1 pw20pw7 pw2pw38pw34pw32 pw31 pw30 pw29 pw28 pw27 pw26 pw25 pw24 pw23 pw22pw pw3 pw4 pw5 pw6 pw17 pw18 pw19 pw35pw16 pw15 pw14 pw13 pw12 pw11 pw10 pw9 pw8pw40 pw41


25 thoughts on “The Princess Wei Yang 《锦绣未央》 Manhua + Chibis

  1. Oh, my! So pretty & cute! Thanks for sharing these! I’m following the translated C-novel & am highly anticipating the drama! Hope it gets subbed. 🙂

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  2. Hi, welcome back. I thought it was translating, unless it’s a different novel. It’s only up to 22 and haven’t been updating. Solstar24 been translating it.

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      1. O, then I have no idea. I totally missed the first comment. Is it the same story? Didn’t know there’s going to be a drama about it either. Cool.

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      2. lol, out of curiosity I ended up watching the trailer and looking up the dramawiki link. Interesting….Vaness Wu is in it. That caught me off guard.

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  3. I love the photos. Thanks for sharing, definitely missed you. The novel is so good, however watching the first few episodes of this bored me. Personally, the novel is way better than the drama. I hate how they changed almost everything and her character isn’t as strong as how the novel had portrayed. So in order to not make my blood pressure high, I’m skipping out on the drama. However Tiffany is so gorgeous in her. I think she ages beautifully.

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