Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang

General and I 《孤芳不自賞》Illustrations + Chibis + Manhua

Just an update on the chibis and illustrations of this upcoming drama


gai16 gai18gai19 gai17gai33gai20gai22 gai23 gai44gai52gai51gai43 gai40gai41gai24gai34 gai35 gai36 gai37 gai38 gai39gai47 gai48 gai49 gai50

gai4  gai6 gai7 gai8 gai9 gai10 gai11 gai12 gai13 gai14 gai15gai5gai21


gai42gai45 gai46


gai25 gai26 gai27 gai28    gai29 gai30gai31gai32

6 thoughts on “General and I 《孤芳不自賞》Illustrations + Chibis + Manhua

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve always loved your compilations of illustrations & chibis & information on current dramas that I’m watching so that I can go crazy over them. Keep up the good work! Much appreciated. 🙂


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