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Manga/Anime: Ichigo 100% (いちご100%) – Kawashita Mizuki


Other Names: 草莓100%; Strawberry 100%

Status: Complete, 19 Volumes, 167 Chapters

Author: Kawashita Mizuki

Summary: Junpei Manaka sneaks up to the roof to see the sunset. When he opens the door, he startles a mysterious beauty. She panics and runs away, but before not Junpei has caught sight of her adorable strawberry print panties… in EXTREME close-up. With that vision forever burned into his memory, Junpei embarks on a quest to find the girl, and the panties of his dreams!

(Credits: mangafox)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shounen.




Just a warning to young readers, this manga does involve some ecchi (slang term in the Japanese language for lewd or lascivious conduct) contents. I advise for a mature audience. Ichigo 100% is such a long manga.. I only read up to chapter 19 so far and still slowly continuing the manga. No explicit scenes for me so far. 😉

We’re introduced to our male protagonist Junpei Manaka, a high school student who aspires to be a film director. He encounters a mysterious girl with strawberry-print panties on the school rooftop, whom he quickly becomes intrigued by. He finds a notebook that belongs to Aya Toujou, our first female character appears, who turns out to be an ordinary-looking girl.


Junpei does not harbor any special feelings for her (yet) however, he soon discovers that Aya is a gifted writer, and the two become friends with the collaborative ambition of turning great stories into movies.

Meanwhile, he believes the mystery strawberry panties girl to be Tsukasa Nishino, the most popular girl in his school. He does a chin pull up confession and starts dating her. But he soon discovers that his dream strawberry panties girl turns out to be Aya Toujou, how will the story develop? Read and find out, more female characters get introduced as the plot progresses.

This manga takes you on the journey of Junpei Manaka, from junior high all the way to his college years, which explains why the manga is quite long, it’s entirely up to you if you feel the plot is interesting enough to dedicate your time in reading this. But if you are interested you can find the manga here


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