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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》– Episode 31

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UPDATED: vietsubs here


Liu Liu has inform Yan Qing, Cheng Hao has run away with the investment money. Shan Shan’s family finds out about the situation and her father has not allowing Shan Shan to marry Feng Teng. Shan Shan’s father promise to return the money they owe Feng Teng. Shan Shan’s father doesn’t want it to seem like his selling his daughter to pay off the debts, so ask them to cancel the wedding. 


Shan Shan found some pictures of her family, and finds out Feng Teng has been investigating her family. Shan Shan is very angry, think Feng Teng spying on her family background, she accused Feng Teng doesn’t trust her. Feng Yue explains she was the one who was investigating her, not Feng Teng. Even so, Shan Shan is very angry and cancels the wedding.

Shan Shan’s father decided in any case will pay the money, they can take out three million five hundred thousand yuan to repay them first. Shan Shan expressed she hope to wait until they pay the money then get marry, Feng Teng agreed.


Zheng Qi misunderstand Li Shu doesn’t want to get marry now since Feng Teng and Shan Shan’s problem arise and think she has a chance with Feng Teng. (haha jealous little man). Li Shu informs Zheng Qi, it doesn’t matter what happens to Feng Teng and Shan Shan in the future, she doesn’t have anymore feelings for Feng Teng. The person she loves the most is him, Zheng Qi.


Liu Liu proposes to open a jewelry store in order to pay off the debt, much of Feng Teng’s support, he suggests the jewelry store should be under Wind Group until they pay off all the debt. Shan Shan subsequently resigned. Shan Shan and Liu Liu go look for stores to open their jewelry store, Shan Shan is smarter this time, she knew those store spaces that the agent recommend are all owned by Feng Teng LOL

Episode 32 Preview

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