Song: JJ Lin 《林俊傑》 – She Says 《她說》

So I like to share songs that I like regardless whether it’s old or a new song. I quite like JJ Lin since I was a teenager, and this is one of his sing I like to have on repeat on my playlist.

Chinese / English Lyrics 

He quietly came in
He slowly took away the silence
Only as a final undertaking
But he still didn’t take away the loneliness

There’s nothing wrong with our love
It’s just that the beautiful one-person show is too much torment
She says she doesn’t care
只要能在夜裡 翻來覆去的時候有寄託
As long as at night, the repeating time will have focus

等不到天黑 煙火不會太完美
If they can’t wait until it’s dark, fireworks won’t be so pretty
回憶燒成灰 還是等不到結尾
The memories are burned to ashes, but there’s still no ending
她曾說的無所謂 我怕一天一天被摧毀
I was afraid the “I don’t care”s she always says would day by day start disappearing

等不到天黑 不敢凋謝的花蕾
If they can’t wait until it’s dark, the flower buds don’t dare to whither
綠葉在跟隨 放開刺痛的滋味
The green leaves follow, releasing a painful flavor
今後不再怕天明 我想只是害怕清醒
Now I’m no longer afraid of the dawn, I think I’m only afraid of waking up

不怕天明 我想只是害怕清醒
I’m not afraid of the dawn, I think I’m only afraid of waking up

Here’s a few covers I like of the song.


6 thoughts on “Song: JJ Lin 《林俊傑》 – She Says 《她說》

  1. 🙂 i have this song on my playlist too.. i have some of his song.. does he have new single now? sometimes, i miss some old songs that i used to listen when i was a teenager.. this song is one of them.. jay chow’s old songs too.. ^^

    thank you for posting this.. 🙂


    1. I’m the same as you, I like to listen to song I used to listen to when I was a teenager, it brings back good memories. I haven’t heard any of JJ Lin’s new song.

      As for Jay Chou I like his 珊瑚海, 龍捲風 and 退后


      1. me too, i rarely listen to JJ Lin’s new songs now, nowadays i listen to G.E.M’s songs.. haha.. new era LOLs.. and Jay, the last album i listened was capricorn, but not so into it.. 😦

        and i kinda addict to this song : 吳思賢『最好的.. 最大的缺點 官方 *i just copy paste, i don’t know who sings this song and what the title of this song since i couldn’t read Chinese 😀 hehe


      2. He’s a fairly new artist isn’t he? There’s very little information about Wu Szu-Shien on google. His English name is Ben Wu. I’m listening to the song atms.


  2. i guessed so.. he’s new artist, but i like his vocal and song..

    btw do you have any recommended song? 🙂 i rarely saw you posting about music hehe..


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